Dental Treatment

Dental Aesthetics

Dental aesthetics or cosmetic dentistry is a discipline of dentistry that primarily focuses on improving the looks of a patient. The main focus of aesthetics dental and implant surgery is providing a better appearance. Though, these procedures may or may not improve upon the function of the teeth. The main focus of dental aesthetics include alterations on dental colour, alignment, positioning and size. 

Dental Aesthetics Procedures

Modern dental aesthetics offer patients many different ways to restore their looks. Patients may take any of them in accordance with their personal situation. Let’s have a look at some of these procedures available in today’s health industry.

Dental Bonding

In the dental bonding procedure, dentists apply a tooth coloured resin-like material to the tooth. Then dentists use a special kind of light. This light makes this material harder and thus, it sticks to the surface of the tooth. The dental bonding procedure is among the easiest and the least expensive procedures in dentistry. This procedure provides a good restoration of the patient’s looks with a relatively small price tag.

Clinicx Celebrity Smile

The first step which takes you towards the Clinicx celebrity smile is your consultation with our panel of expert dentists. Our dentists will examine your teeth and oral health status. Then they will discuss various treatment options that can enhance your smile. At Clinicx, you’re in full control of your treatment because you our dentists will consult you at every step of your treatment, and you have a full say in how you want your smile to look like.

At Clinicx, we don’t just restore your smile with porcelain veneers or crowns; instead, we offer you a complete package. We use a revolutionary smile design software, Dental GPS, whose patented algorithm allows us to design a smile for you which not only makes you look like a celebrity but also ensures that your teeth are in perfect health and occlusion.  You will be able to see how your smile will look like even before we start the smile makeover, and we guarantee you that “what you will see is what you will get.” 


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We offer our patients free medical bag includes all the necessary medicines